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Lee Arnold/Sarah Gamble/Andrew Gbur

Dec 09, 2010 — Jan 15, 2011

Featuring work by: Sarah Gamble, Andrew Gbur, Lee Arnold

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is excited to announce our winter exhibition featuring new work by Lee Arnold, Sarah Gamble and Andrew Gbur. Please join us on Thursday, December 9th from 6-9pm for a festive reception.

Lee Arnold often uses systems or processes to approach sublime imagery. While his output is rather ordered, the subject material is oppositely emotional or romantic (mountains, the sea, shadows, travel). For example, the 204 images that make up the large-scale piece Shadows (1:15 - 4:36pm, June 16, 2010) are captured using a pinhole camera. The artist allows the parameters of the medium and mechanics of the device to poetically capture momentary shifts in shadows across pavement. Alternatively, the hand of the artist is evident in Flags, but the forms and colors are dictated by the symbols found on international maritime flags.

Sarah Gamble's intuitive mark-making is guided by a personal aesthetic vision that reveals an animistic landscape, where non-sequitur logic and non-linear thoughts create gray areas between fact and fiction. Raw color, sinewy lines and murky, abstracted forms expose imagined communication, time travel, paranoid evaluations and investigations. For example, Gamble's painting Magic Brain depicts a disembodied brain floating in nature, perhaps caught in the moment of its abduction.

Andrew Gbur's works are often graphic, formal and flat and contain, among other things, obscure imagery, replicas of stripes and monochromatic passages of bold color. The artist counts among his varied interests the concept of haecceity, reproductions and originals, duration, space, the history of image- making, elusive counter-culture characters and music. Two new large monolithic canvases covered with grip-tape dominate the walls, as well as a bright yellow "screen printed" floor piece that mimics the architecture of Gbur's studio.

Lee Arnold lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He received a BA from Hamilton College and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently a resident artist of LMCC’s Governor’s Island Residency Program in New York City and was a 2010 MacDowell Colony Fellow. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Drew University in Madison, NJ.

Sarah Gamble lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. She received a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She was a 2009 PEW Arts Fellowship Recipient and 2006 Bemis Center for Contemporary Art Fellow and has exhibited her work widely in NYC, Philadelphia, and the US.

Andrew Gbur lives and works in Lancaster, PA. He received his BFA from University of the Arts and his MFA from Yale University. He was awarded the Al Held Memorial Prize from Yale University, which included a residency at the American Academy in Rome as an Affiliated Fellow. Gbur’s work was recently included in PS1’s Greater New York, Rotation 4, curated by Clarissa Dalrymple.

Press inquires: info@fleisher-ollmangallery.com

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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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