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Your Swimming Brain

Sep 09 — Sep 10, 2010

Featuring work by: Anthony Campuzano, Jamie Dillon, Cari Freno, Nick Lenker, Jennifer Levonian, Nick Paparone, Paul Swenbeck, et al.

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is excited to announce YOUR SWIMMING BRAIN, a temporary video and sound event. Asserting Jean Luc Godard’s belief that linear narrative was the enemy, this event allows all imagery and sound to occur at once while aligning nothing.


Loosely playing with architect Kent Isaacs’ famous 1962 design, the Knowledge Box, and Stan Vanderbeek’s 1960’s brainchild the Movie-drome, YOUR SWIMMING BRAIN will equally attempt to cram as much imagery as possible, as fast as possible, into your “swimming brain” (as Isaacs appositely reported to Life magazine in its September 14, 1962 issue). Perhaps feeling a restless, impatient state due to the growth of imagery and information in the 1960s, these visually stimulating, semi-psychedelic experiments might have been the fledgling precursors to the Internet.


We stand on a threshold of fantastic photographic breakthroughs – 3D TV, cartridge video tape for home viewing, photo libraries at the dialing of a phone. Can these technical advances be harnessed before they make robots out of photographers? Where do the picture people fit into the changing times?

-“The Vanderbeek Dimension,” US Camera World Annual, 1970.


Participating Artists:


Maria Ashman

Asher Barkley

Sam Belkowitz

Kate Bisono

Ava Blitz

Alana Bograd

Sarah Burns

Pavia Burroughs

Justin Bursk

Anthony Campuzano

Robert Chaney

Didier Clain

John Crowe

Darko Cuglievan

Jamie Dillon

Mariya Dimov

David Thomas Dunn

Jesse Engaard

Timothy Evans

Conor Fields

Cari Freno

Daniel Gerwin

Joe Girandola

Dan Haddigan

Tyler Held

John Hyatt

Aaron Igler

Stephen F. James

Brandon Jones

Simona Josan

Matt Kalasky

Jake Kehs

Kristen Kelly

Tyler Kline

Chris Lawrence

Nick Lenker

Jennifer Levonian

Preston Link

Lauren Lyons

Tyrus Lytton

Melissa Macnair

Nicholas Maimone

Brandon Miller

Rebecca Mott

Colin O’Neil

Brittany Papale

Nick Paparone

Alee Peoples

Caitlin Perkins

Kristina Romano

Robert Scobey

Paul Swenbeck

Matt Tomezsko

Stacy Treier

Alex Tyson

Constantina Zavitsanos


Timeline: Installation – Wed Sept 8th from 10:30 am – 6 pm

The exhibition is open to the public Thurs Sept 9th from 10:30 am – 6 pm

Reception – Thurs Sept 9th from 6 - 9 pm

Deinstallation – Fri Sept 10th from 10:30 am – 6 pm

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2010 09 swimming 13 1000 xxx q85
Installation view
2010 09 swimming 17 1000 xxx q85
Installation view
2010 09 swimming 22 1000 xxx q85
Installation view
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