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Kate Abercrombie: making, joining and repairing

Jun 17 — Aug 20, 2010

Featuring work by: Kate Abercrombie

Fleisher/Ollman is pleased to present drawings, paintings, collages and select sculptures by John J. O'Connor. Also on view will be intimate, patterned paintings and a wall-sized digital print by Kate Abercrombie.


In the side gallery, Fleisher/Ollman will also present making, joining, repairing featuring Kate Abercrombie's new intimate goauche paintings on paper. Often using the basic warp and weft structure of the weaver's loom as an anchor for her compositions, the artist lays down repeating geometric shapes to dissolve the rigid axis from which she works. A reference to printed fabric, the shapes comply with the patterns beneath while subversively overshadowing their presence. In select works, quirky imagery, inspired by Alexander Girard's collection of toys, dolls, and religious folk art, are formed through slight tonal shifts in color. In others, the shallow surface remains purely abstract, bringing to mind the complex pattern repeats made possible by grids of pixels. Though carefully built upon the organizing principles of geometry, nothing in Abercrombie's work seems to stay put for very long; the images and compositions maintain a fluctuating, fugitive presence, dissolving just as quickly as they appear.


Kate Abercrombie (Philadelphia and Texas) has exhibited her paintings at Vox Populi (Philadelphia), the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Philadelphia), and the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia). She earned a BFA from Tyler School of Art and is currently completing a MFA program at the University of Texas, Austin.

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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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