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Anthony Campuzano: Note on Door

Sep 20 — Oct 27, 2007

Featuring work by: Anthony Campuzano

'Note On Door' is Fleisher/Ollman Gallery's second solo show for Anthony Campuzano. A Philadelphia native and graduate of the Tyler School of Art, Campuzano has recently appeared in group and solo exhibitions at Andrea Rosen Gallery and White Columns and Bellwether in New York City, the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, and the galleries at Moore in Philadelphia.


Anissa Mack is a Brooklyn-based artist known for large-scale and
often socially entwined installations, in recent years at P.S.1
Contemporary Art Center, Sculpture Center, WaveHill, The Santa
Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, The Queens Museum of Art, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Socrates Sculpture Park, Roebling Hall, and Ronald Feldman Fine Art. This will be Mack's first exhibition at the gallery.


Friends and mutual sounding-boards since college, Campuzano and Mack make work that tames histories--personal, political and imagined--and reacts to the constructed world without didactic editorial or stridency. Along with 13 new pieces on paper and board, Campuzano will debut 'Note On Door', a work on nine 82 x 38 inch wood panels and the artist's first proper paintings in almost a decade, a work about ghosts, threats, landlordism and street-work. Mack will show sculptural works in bronze, steel, denim and found objects, as well as the first outing of a work in progress since 1996 comprising photographs of the artist fetching ice in motels.
The two exhibitions take place from September 20th to October 27th. Please check our website for images and further information. A fully-illustrated catalogue has been produced in conjunction with 'Note On Door', including essays and short stories from Anthony Campuzano, Pablo Colapinto and William Pym, and interviews with Andy Bell (from the pop group Erasure), Charles Oakley (fearsome power-forward for the golden era Chicago Bulls) and Shaun Ryder (Mancunian crooner and frontman of the Happy Mondays). The catalogue is available at the gallery and will remain so for the duration of the show.


Three more exciting items have appeared in the bulging larder of the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery shop. We are delighted to offer a restock of Wesley Eisold's 'Deathbeds', collected works 1999- 2007. Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is the only place to get the book without dealing with online auctioneer snakes. We will also tonight debut two artworks from gallery artist Jack Sloss. 'Session' is a double seven-inch pack, on clear vinyl with locked grooves, in an edition of 20. The audio is a binaural recording of an intimate act. The second work, 'Graphein', is a unique 12" dubplate, packaged with four new photographs. We look forward to sharing these and countless other treats (new writing from Matthias "Wolfboy" Connor, Veneer Magazine, Jayson Musson's 'Too Black for BET part II', etc) in the days ahead.

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