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Annabeth Rosen: Contingency

Mar 31 — May 01, 2010

Featuring work by: Annabeth Rosen

This April, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is pleased to present three discrete exhibitions highlighting a range of contemporary ceramic work: Annabeth Rosen, in the main gallery; Mei-Ling Hom; and, in the viewing gallery, Paul Swenbeck.

For Annabeth Rosen, sculpture is a process of assemblage. Small pieces of ceramic – fired or unfired, glazed or unglazed, textured or smooth – resemble organs and plants and are massproduced and stockpiled in anticipation of their eventual use. Once combined, massed together and bound with steel wire, they start to come to life, becoming increasingly more complex as part is bound to part is bound to part, yielding beautifully dizzying, and seemingly impossible, structures.

For her installation at Fleisher/Ollman, Rosen takes her practice to an extreme, making sculptures that are amongst her largest yet. Standing nearly as tall as a person, the works comprise an array of colorful forms, from chartruese eggplants to black-and-white striped tubes; some even hold full vessels that could themselves stand as finished works were they to be unbound. Made to be mobile with casters and wheels, the sculptures point to their own bulk and weight while suggesting levity and a potential for movement. Also on view will be a selection of smaller ceramic works and largescale ink and gouache works on paper.

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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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Installation view
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