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The exhibition Anatomy Academy is arranged around pivotal period case studies in which artists, scientists, and doctors focused on important issues in human anatomy from 1805 (the founding of PAFA) through the end of World War I (1918). The exhibition will include drawings, photographs, paintings, sculpture, ephemera, and material culture that deal with changing conceptions of the body over time in Philadelphia scientific and artistic culture. Artists featured in the exhibition will include Charles Willson Peale, William Rush, Thomas Eakins, Christian Schussele, Thomas Anshutz, Charles Grafly, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Henri, Ivan Albright, John Sloan, and a newly commissioned work by the collective TODT.

Anatomy Academy will be on view at the Fisher Brooks Gallery at the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building from January 29 through April 17, 2011

Jan 17, 2011

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Three mandatory stops on the grand tour

Three shows featuring gallery artists are taking place around the world this summer. Jina Valentine opened 'Witch Hazel Bark,' a solo show of new works on paper and small sculptures at Steve Turner Contemporary in Los Angeles, running now through August 4th. Images abound on Turner's website. TODT are showing 'Products' at the Georges Pompidou annex in Cajarc, France until September 23rd (see right,) and James Castle is showing in the recently extended/expanded exhibition 'Citadel 1: Front Room/Killing Room' at David Risley Gallery in London. All come with our heartiest endorsements and great gratitude.


Jul 13, 2007

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an extraordinary culmination

Tonight marks the opening of TODT AFTER NEXT, a show that we have been working on for almost 2 years. TODT, a collective formed in 1978 who have exhibited at P.S.1, The Whitney Biennial, The Brooklyn Museum, The Venice Biennale and now Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, are among the most important New York artists of the 1980s, and remain among the most industrious, inventive and challenging artists, period. We are honored to present this show, which includes the double lightbox "Double Fuck Susie," famously censored at the Indianapolis Museum in 1995, weapons that stopped traffic on Walnut Street as we installed last week, and 3 sculptures including toilets. Here are sculptures that presupposed every cultural art shock of the 90s, from Hirst, to Emin to the Chapmans, by ten years clear. Please join us, 6-8, April 20th 2007.

In related news, there is a pleasant if small puff on Paper Magazine's diary about Fleisher/Ollman Gallery:


Apr 20, 2007

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